Tantus Slow Drive Review

Tantus Slow Drive

Despite my love for all things blue and green, it’s not often that I get to review sex toys in those colours, which is such a shame. Enter the Slow Drive from Tantus; a dildo in a green so shiny and lime-y that it makes me want to sob with joy. It features an angled hook- type tip, shaped that way to reach and stimulate the g-spot.

Tantus Slow Drive is part of a limited colour collection of dildos. Tantus released them earlier this year, and I almost jizzed over the teal and lime colour options. The silver is also beautiful, but I’m a massive fan of greens and blues so obviously those appealed to me the most. The line also included the Slow Drive Long, Sport and Sport Long, as well as the Warm Up. Unfortunately, those incredible colours are no longer available, but you can still snag yourself up those dildos in black, purple and silver.

I had high hopes for the Slow Drive, especially after hearing nothing but great things about it. But this thing is so plain. And so smooth. Very small, smaller than I expected. Maybe even boring. What on earth possessed me to buy it in the first place? Me, a fan of texture and detail. The colour. I’m not ashamed to admit it, I’m so shallow when it comes to sex toys and their appearance.

The Slow Drive features a redesigned teardrop base which is supposed to be even more comfortable when worn in a harness. I am so confused by this, because it seems like it’s the wrong way round. I thought you’d want the triangle pointing in between your legs but then the curve faces downwards if you wear it that way. If you’re going at it in a missionary position, it’s not going to be comfortable for the person wearing the harness. The only way this base will work, is if you’re having sex from behind. The whole point of the curve is to reach the G-spot or P-spot so that would defeat the object, but I’m not planning on using this in a harness so it doesn’t bother me that much.

holding Tantus Slow Drive

This dildo is terrible if you want intense thrusting. It’s firm but still very flexible, so that it bends back on itself when I desperately need it to stay still and just push up against my g-spot, damn it. It is also very short, measuring 5 inches – but it definitely feels like way less than 5 because of the pronounced curve. All those things combined make it impossible to angle it correctly. I guess it would be good for people with shallow vaginas who know that their g-spot is located fairly low down. I’m still in the process of exploring that part & learning as much as possible about what works and doesn’t work for me, and this dildo simply doesn’t do it.

It just doesn’t work for me at all, and no amount of warm up and coercing my g-spot into joining in the fun seems to work. There is nothing remarkable about it, I think it’s the marmite of dildos and it will either work  and you’ll love it, or it won’t and you’ll hate it. Maybe the longer version of this dildo would work for me better; it would certainly give more room for maneuver, and the short length was one of the main issues I had with this dildo.

As always, the Slow Drive is made using Tantus’ 100% ultra premium silicone – and I have nothing bad to say about the quality of this, or any other Tantus sex toys. It’s the shape and size that didn’t work for me in this case.

I’m very disappointed with this dildo. I guess it’s my own fault for getting so excited over the limited edition colours and overlooking the most important part – how the dildo might feel during use. If simple works for you, you might love it!

The Slow Drive is available directly from Tantus.

Tantus Slow Drive banner

Guest Review: Tantus Twist Silicone Butt Plug

Hello again! You may or may not remember the last guest review published on my blog – Tantus were generous enough to send me a couple of ‘beginner’ butt plugs for review. My reaction upon seeing their size could be summed up by ‘hell no’. So I decided to send them on to people who would hopefully actually enjoy putting them up their butts. 

This review comes to you from Apricot Creams, a blogger pal of mine who just happens to write amazing reviews. So, without further ado – here’s what Apricot thought of the Tantus Twist.


‘Sculptural’ springs to mind when looking at the Twist. Measuring a fraction under five inches in girth around the middle and four and a half inches long, it’s smaller than the Neo but not something to be undertaken lightly, either – the texture’s intimidating even in Tantus’ super silky drag-free silicone and the swirls aren’t exactly subtle, jutting out five millimetres off the plug with the final one at the base measuring a deep eight millimetres. This plug means business.

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Sinful Sunday – Squirt & Soak…


…Not that kind of squirt! And yes, that is a plastic water pistol – a Toy Story, one to be exact :)


Sinful Sunday is all about the image  - the lips will tell you who else is being sinful this week!


HedoVibes Round Up #57


Photo courtesy of Ruffled Sheets

Welcome to HedoVibes, a collection of reviews and giveaways that were posted in the past week or so from around the web. Want to read more reviews? Check out HedoVibes for a list of the latest reviews and stellar reviewers. You can also follow on twitter for the latest round ups.










Hedo Vibes

Tantus Charmer Dildo Review


And we’re back to pink sex toys. Sorry.

The Tantus Charmer has been on my wishlist ever since I read a few great reviews on it a few months ago. I always overlooked it before then, thinking it looked rather slim and generally small, but it’s actually bigger than I imagined it to be. It’s very similar to the Tantus Tsunami, only a little bit smaller with a slightly different shape but the texture is very much alike. It’s wide at the top and gradually narrows down towards the bottom where it reaches it’s smallest point, so it’s a top-heavy dildo.  I was under the impression that the whole thing would be more or less the same girth throughout the whole length, because that’s how it looks in the manufacturer images. That is not the case.

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Guest Review: Tantus Juice Silicone Butt Plug

A few months ago, I told Tantus that I’d be willing to try anal play for the first time and requested a “tiny beginner butt plug” for review. I was sent two butt plugs, neither of which looked small enough for me to want to put up myself. I asked some friends to help out, and thankfully they agreed – Sum Sub has kindly taken the time to write the following guest review for me (and all of my readers):


I have this blogger friend, Teal, who is passionate about body safe materials in sex toys. She gave me the opportunity to guest review a Tantus butt plug, the Juice, and well, even though I knew nothing about Tantus, I leapt at the chance.

A small amount of research tells me that Tantus are an American sex toy manufacturer who produce quality toys made from their own supersoft ultra body safe Silicone.  Now, I have plenty of experience of butt plugs of all materials, including silicone, and so to realise that I would be testing a plug from such a well regarded manufacturer was a little exciting.

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Julian Snelling Rosebud Aluminium Butt Plug Review

Julian plug

Look at this little cutie – this is the first thing to ever go up my butt.  Yes, this review is written by someone who has never ventured into anal play before. I was a little bit reluctant to “go there” but I just couldn’t resist the crystal in the base. I mean, who wouldn’t want a sparkly butthole?!

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LELO Hula Beads Review


Seeing as the last 3 sex toys I reviewed were pink, I thought I’d change it up a bit and review something blue. Seriously, I have no idea why companies love to send me so much pink stuff.

So. The Hula Beads from Lelo intrigued me when I found out that they not only vibrate, but also rotate. I’m not a fan of internal vibrations, so I wanted these mainly for the rotating motion. I was lucky enough to receive these as a tester from Lovehoney –  I didn’t get the box; only the beads, remote and piece of plastic used to open the remote so I can’t comment on all the accessories included if you were to purchase these. The main thing I love about these is the colour. They’re the most amazing shade of turquoise and the only reason why I still have the Hula Beads in my possession. If it wasn’t for the colour, they’d have probably ended up in the bin a long time ago.

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Giveaway: I’m feeling blue and 22

As you all probably know by now, any shade of blue or green is my favourite colour. Just give me blue dildos and vibrators and other safe-to-insert-into-my-vagina/put-on-my-clit items. I know how difficult it is to find sex toys that aren’t pink/purple/red because manufacturers seem to think those are the only colours people could possibly want.

So, seeing as it was my birthday on Thursday which happened to fall on International Orgasm Day (same day Harry Potter came out of Lilly Potter) so if you haven’t celebrated yet, here’s your chance. I am giving away three body-safe dildos, all in various shades of blue. To enter, simply fill out as many Rafflecopter entries as you wish. I also happen to have started my blog exactly 6 months ago today, so I’m using this as yet another excuse to host this giveaway.

Tantus Warm Up


I bought this little guy a few months ago, directly from Tantus. It is the most amazing shimmery, sparkly shade of teal I have ever seen. It’s almost like you’d be getting me as a prize. Made out of silicone and measuring only 4.5 inches it truly is tiny. I’m told it makes a great first toy if you’re thinking of trying pegging.

I am responsible for shipping, if you’re in the UK or EU I will cover the costs. You can also enter from anywhere in the world, but I’ll ask you to chip in to the shipping cost.

Icicles 5

icicles 5

This is the first glass dildo I’ve ever bought over 2 years ago, and still remains my firm favourite piece of glass to this day. Okay, so this one isn’t exactly blue – it’s clear but it has a blue swirl so it counts. That swirl is what makes it so good, and the slight curve makes it comfortable to insert. You can read my review here.

This one is open Worldwide, to any country Lovehoney are willing to post to. Check the full list here.

Ceramix 4

Ceramix 4b

The first dildo to find my gspot. This cute little polka dot thing is amazing, as well as beautiful so I couldn’t resist giving one lucky reader a chance to win this. Made out of ceramic with a hollow inside, it is perfect for temperature play. You have no idea how difficult it was to get this thing for you guys, so make sure you enter!

I am also responsible for shipping this cutie, so the same rules apply as with the Warm Up.

Only one prize per entrant. I’m going to verify all entries so please don’t cheat! The prizes in this giveaway aren’t sponsored by any company, I purchased them all myself.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Rocks Off Little Cocky Review

Little CI was so excited when I found out Rocks Off were sending me the Little Cocky for review. I’ve had my eye on it for absolute ages, since I came across it on the Lovehoney site.  It is also my very first Rocks Off product which is absolutely shocking, seeing as I’ve been using sex toys for over 2 years now.  However, the excitement quickly diminished because this thing is nothing special.

Made out of silicone and measuring just under 10cm in total length, Little Cocky is primarily an anal sex toy. I was told by Rocks Off that it can obviously also be used vaginally. I guess the pronounced balls make it butt safe and the small size and tapered tip would probably be easy to insert, but I haven’t tried it that way.  The main part of the toy is made out of “platinum cured body-safe silicone rubber” – I wasn’t 100% sure what that meant, because I wasn’t even aware ‘silicone rubber’ even existed, so I asked Rocks Off to clarify and they explained that the information needed updating but it is 100% pure silicone they now use. The bullet inside sticks out about half an inch when inserted and is made out of plastic. The bullet is waterproof so Little Cocky can be enjoyed in the bath or shower, as well as being easy to clean.

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