LELO Hula Beads Review


Seeing as the last 3 sex toys I reviewed were pink, I thought I’d change it up a bit and review something blue. Seriously, I have no idea why companies love to send me so much pink stuff.

So. The Hula Beads from Lelo intrigued me when I found out that they not only vibrate, but also rotate. I’m not a fan of internal vibrations, so I wanted these mainly for the rotating motion. I was lucky enough to receive these as a tester from Lovehoney –  I didn’t get the box; only the beads, remote and piece of plastic used to open the remote so I can’t comment on all the accessories included if you were to purchase these. The main thing I love about these is the colour. They’re the most amazing shade of turquoise and the only reason why I still have the Hula Beads in my possession. If it wasn’t for the colour, they’d have probably ended up in the bin a long time ago.

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Giveaway: I’m feeling blue and 22

As you all probably know by now, any shade of blue or green is my favourite colour. Just give me blue dildos and vibrators and other safe-to-insert-into-my-vagina/put-on-my-clit items. I know how difficult it is to find sex toys that aren’t pink/purple/red because manufacturers seem to think those are the only colours people could possibly want.

So, seeing as it was my birthday on Thursday which happened to fall on International Orgasm Day (same day Harry Potter came out of Lilly Potter) so if you haven’t celebrated yet, here’s your chance. I am giving away three body-safe dildos, all in various shades of blue. To enter, simply fill out as many Rafflecopter entries as you wish. I also happen to have started my blog exactly 6 months ago today, so I’m using this as yet another excuse to host this giveaway.

Tantus Warm Up


I bought this little guy a few months ago, directly from Tantus. It is the most amazing shimmery, sparkly shade of teal I have ever seen. It’s almost like you’d be getting me as a prize. Made out of silicone and measuring only 4.5 inches it truly is tiny. I’m told it makes a great first toy if you’re thinking of trying pegging.

I am responsible for shipping, if you’re in the UK or EU I will cover the costs. You can also enter from anywhere in the world, but I’ll ask you to chip in to the shipping cost.

Icicles 5

icicles 5

This is the first glass dildo I’ve ever bought over 2 years ago, and still remains my firm favourite piece of glass to this day. Okay, so this one isn’t exactly blue – it’s clear but it has a blue swirl so it counts. That swirl is what makes it so good, and the slight curve makes it comfortable to insert. You can read my review here.

This one is open Worldwide, to any country Lovehoney are willing to post to. Check the full list here.

Ceramix 4

Ceramix 4b

The first dildo to find my gspot. This cute little polka dot thing is amazing, as well as beautiful so I couldn’t resist giving one lucky reader a chance to win this. Made out of ceramic with a hollow inside, it is perfect for temperature play. You have no idea how difficult it was to get this thing for you guys, so make sure you enter!

I am also responsible for shipping this cutie, so the same rules apply as with the Warm Up.

Only one prize per entrant. I’m going to verify all entries so please don’t cheat! The prizes in this giveaway aren’t sponsored by any company, I purchased them all myself.

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Rocks Off Little Cocky Review

Little CI was so excited when I found out Rocks Off were sending me the Little Cocky for review. I’ve had my eye on it for absolute ages, since I came across it on the Lovehoney site.  It is also my very first Rocks Off product which is absolutely shocking, seeing as I’ve been using sex toys for over 2 years now.  However, the excitement quickly diminished because this thing is nothing special.

Made out of silicone and measuring just under 10cm in total length, Little Cocky is primarily an anal sex toy. I was told by Rocks Off that it can obviously also be used vaginally. I guess the pronounced balls make it butt safe and the small size and tapered tip would probably be easy to insert, but I haven’t tried it that way.  The main part of the toy is made out of “platinum cured body-safe silicone rubber” – I wasn’t 100% sure what that meant, because I wasn’t even aware ‘silicone rubber’ even existed, so I asked Rocks Off to clarify and they explained that the information needed updating but it is 100% pure silicone they now use. The bullet inside sticks out about half an inch when inserted and is made out of plastic. The bullet is waterproof so Little Cocky can be enjoyed in the bath or shower, as well as being easy to clean.

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Bondara Silicone Rechargeable Rabbit Review


The Bondara Silicone Rechargeable Rabbit is a great vibrator. I honestly wasn’t expecting much from it at all, I thought it would be a massive let down. Can you blame me though? It retails at £23.99. It’s silly how cheap that is for a rechargeable rabbit vibrator. However, it turned out to be surprisingly good.

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Tantus Tsunami Vibrating Dildo Review


When the Tsunami first arrived, I had some serious regrets that I even agreed to review it in the first place. It certainly looks different, but it just seemed so intimidating at first. For some reason, I was a little bit reluctant to use it, and it took me over a month to even work up the courage to do so. But I finally did, and I’m very glad I got over my initial fears because this (vibrating) dildo is awesome.

It looks quite large and long, I’ve read a few reviews of it and most people made it sound absolutely massive, which is probably one of the reasons why I was so nervous to use it. Tsunami is made out of the usual Tantus 100% Ultra Premium silicone which is quite firm but still fairly flexible.

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Imposters, liars and deceivers in the adult product review industry

Never have I imagined I’d have to write this post, because I had no idea people did things like this. I’m shocked, angry and upset. It has come to my attention that someone has been getting in touch with various adult retailers and manufacturers, asking for review products, giving out my blog address and claiming to be me. At least 4 companies have been contacted so far, all of them UK based. I’ve tried to contact this person  to ask them to stop, but to no avail.


The message “Lucy” has been sending out.


See that message? First of all, I always take the time to research each individual company and wouldn’t even dream of sending a generic email like that. Second of all – look at all those mistakes! If companies are willing to send out items to people who send messages like that, then I am genuinely worried.

I have no idea what this person is trying to achieve. I guess their aim is to get free sex toys, and they think that using my blog is the best way to achieve that. Maybe I should be flattered that they chose my blog? That still doesn’t change the fact that I work hard to make this site what it is and I don’t appreciate someone using my work to lie to other people.

I wanted to take the time to reassure you all that I only use one email address when dealing with companies – it is listed in the contact tab on my blog. There is a another email address I’ve used, one I had before I made my blog specific email account but the companies I’ve contacted using that address have all been notified of the situation.

Lucy, if you’re reading this – please stop. You’re not going to get very far doing what you’re doing because the companies you’ve contacted so far have all let me know what you’re up to. Just stop.

I’d like to urge retailers & manufacturers to be careful when sending out tester products to bloggers and reviewers. Please, try to take a look at their blog and make sure you have the right person so that you don’t send out a product to some random stranger and end up with no review. If the message seems suspicious at all, try to contact the relevant blogger to clear things up.

I really hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else, I wish there was more we could do to ensure this doesn’t happen again. I’ve heard of bloggers having their content stolen and posted elsewhere, but I don’t think this has ever happened before. Just another thing for sex bloggers to worry about, eh.

Leaf Fresh Vibrator Review


The Leaf range has been around for a while now, featuring vibrators styled to look natural and, well, like leaves. I fancied myself the Life, but Simply Pleasure decided to send me the Fresh – and I’m not complaining because I love this thing. Fresh is slightly larger than I expected, based on other reviews I’ve read of the Leaf range. It’s not as bright as it looks in pictures, the green actually looks a bit moldy, but the shape is nice, a sort of wonky heart.

Made out of silicone, Fresh attracts everything when put down even for a few minutes. It is a very smooth silicone though, and doesn’t create too much of a drag. A recycled-looking storage bag is included, which is great because finding something small enough to fit this toy would have probably been difficult. There is a seam running down the middle of the vibe, which is visible but I can’t feel it during use at all.

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Tantus Goddess Vibrating Dildo Review


The Goddess from Tantus is an incredibly beautiful vibrating dildo. The colour is gorgeous, a pearly, glittery and shimmery white that almost sparkles at certain angles. It’s also available in Purple Haze, but I have it in Pearl White. The shape looks slightly awkward, with the head featuring two…ulcers?… on the sides. The pronounced head leads to gentle ripples which are delicate as far as texture is concerned. Whilst this is primarily a silicone dildo, you’re able to turn it into a vibrating one using the included bullet vibrator which slips into the bottom of the toy.

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Book Review: Entertaining Mr Stone by Portia Da Costa

Mr Stone Each month, Lovehoney pick one erotic novel to be featured as Book of the Month; that particular novel always includes a free gift, usually a small vibrator or a bondage item, depending on the type of book. Entertaining Mr Stone is featured this month and includes a free Powerful Pocket vibe, which is one of Lovehoney’s best-selling beginner vibrators.

Having read ‘The Gift‘ before, I was familiar with Porta Da Costa’s writing before even receiving this book so I knew I could expect high quality and great content. I’m glad to say that I didn’t find any major similarities between the two books, the scenes seem to be fresh and original.

Entertaining Mr Stone is an erotic novel about Maria, a woman who started a job at an office. She had previously lived in London and has moved back to her home town, meaning life is fairly boring. Her boss, Robert Stone is a tall man who completely steals her heart. Maria spends a lot of her time at work fantasizing about Mr Stone – and rest assured that it’s not all just fantasy.

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Sinful Sunday – Laced Up

Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday is all about the image – the lips will tell you who else is being sinful this week!


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